STAAB is a private residence designed by Chen + Suchart Studio.

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Painting by Kiyo Hasegawa

Check out more of her abstract paintings on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Koji Enokura

Symptom – Sea-Body, 1972

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Thom Puckey - Figure on Bed with Camera and Weapons small


Thom Puckey - Figure on Bed with Camera and Weapons small

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 Judith K. McMillan

Paphiopedlium (Paph Orchid)  1999



Judith K. McMillan

Paphiopedlium (Paph Orchid)  1999

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SFR Headquarters, France

by Jean-Paul Viguier Architecture | via

The new 130,000 sq m SFR headquarters in the Landy-Pleyel ZAC (mixed development zone) boasts nearly 8,500 employee workstations.

The building, designed by Jean-Paul Viguier, “adopts the metaphor of the tree, which experiences continual growth and rebirth, adapting constantly to external conditions. The project takes the form of a campus, atop a trunk with protruding branches leading to terraces and large multi-level gardens.”

The principle is based on the idea of unity and union, with four main buildings presented both as a unified whole and as discrete spaces, in other words several buildings which must form a visual whole and reflect the corporate culture in detail: strong roots (the trunk) and various business units characterised by their diversity (the branches). Each element is linked horizontally for journeys promoting contact and communication.

Photography: Éric Sempé

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Crown House | Source

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Fendi Residence, Miami by rGlobe | via

Villa Fendi is conceived as a place of living where the experience of interior space subtly interacts with its beautiful contextual setting. Located on a lot with very privileged views and a fortunate orientation, the site itself became the best design tool as we constructed each space to uniquely receive light and engage with the existing landscape.

With a distinctly shaped lot opening towards the water, we worked to design exterior volumes and interior spaces that maximized the house’s connection to its outside while providing ideally distributed public and private spaces within.

Photography: Emilio Collavino

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